How to Fix IgfxHK.exe Error Completely?

This error message keeps coming up after startup: “Windows cannot find ‘igfxHK.exe’. Make sure you have typed the name correctly, and then try again” I’ve looked around and i can’t find a solution to the issue. I cannot find the file that this .exe belongs to- is there anyone who could help?!

How to Fix Winload.exe Error Completely?

“Turned on my 3 week old pc today and it would not boot. I get the 0xc000000e error that winload.exe is missing or corrupt. I reset the bios. I have disconnected all hdds and peripherals. I loaded a windows recovery usb, the system refresh failed, and the system restores all resulted in the same problem… Read more »

How to Fix Avgnt.exe Error on PC Completely?

“I have Windows 7 and i’m getting this message every time i start my computer: Avgnt.exe – System Eror  The program can’t start because mfc100u.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. How can i get rid of it? I don’t know what program to reinstall…” Please read the… Read more »

How to Fix ccproxy.exe Error on PC?

“Hello, We are having Windows Server 2008 o/s on our net server and SEP managed client on it. We are distributing internet connectivity to users through ccproxy since almost last two years without any problem. Today morning SEP deleted ccproxy.exe by identifying it as having virus/worm Adware.Gen. Then I tried to install latest version of… Read more »

acs.exe Error Repair Guide on PC

“If you´re like me trying to get the best visual experience from AC possible you probably tried the various picture enhancer mods from our mod section. Eventually you have experienced by fiddling around with these mods that you cannot run acs.exe anymore because it stopped responding. I was having this issue a couple of times and… Read more »

How to Fix a2service.exe Error on PC?

My God! I start Mozilla Firefox to search online, and receive a2service.exe missing error. I don’t know what is a2service.exe error. Even though I activate Norton to detect something, I still receive the message all the time. What should I do? I need help! Thanks so much!

How to Fix google.exe Error on PC?

I played games online last night 8 o’clock, together with my little son. Suddenly I received an message that my computer exists an error google.exe. My God! I didn’t download anything, how can this missing error occurs? What is google.exe error? Why I receive this message all the time? How can I fix it well? I need… Read more »

aak.exe Error Repair Guide

Last night I played games online at my home, I received aak.exe missing  error suddenly. Why I kept receiving aak.exe error? What is aak.exe error? Will it threaten my computer system? How can I fix the error? Any help I would be appreciated!