How to Fix Unarc.dll Error Effevtively?

I’ve been trying to install Metro Last light and every time i run the installation, it hangs at a certain point and then returns the error (Not a valid Srep file) and then another window pops up saying unarc.dll error -5. I’ve tried running as admin and even changing the install location. No Use. I… Read more »

How to Fix Defsnd.dll Error on PC?

“Hi guys so I wanted to go back and play Soldier Of Fortune (Platinum Edition) again because I felt nostalgic and it has been over 10 years since I last played this awesome game, so after I successfully installed the game on my Windows 7 64-bit PC, I renamed SoF.exe to MOHAA.exe after I created… Read more »

Guide to Fix Kernel32.dll Error on PC

“Regarding one my last posts, about my computer suddenly failing.. and big time.. I did remember seeing a ‘Kernel32.dll’ error in one of the error messages Do I have a Kernel32.dll problem, and if so, how exactly does it affect my games or other things? And what can I do to easily fix it WITHOUT… Read more »

isdone.dll Error Repair Guide

I was writing an email to my American friend, suddenly I received a isdone.dll missing error yesterday. How come? What is isdone.dll error? Is it dangerous for my computer system and my personal information? How to fix it? I need help, thanks!

zpy.dll Error Repair Guide

Who knows what is zpy.dll error? Why I keep receiving this missing error when I launch computer? Is it risky for computer system? What should I do now? I don’t know how to fix it. Any help I would be appreciated!

How to Fix cards.dll Error?

At 08:30 o’clock, I opened my computer and I got a message that there is an missing error named cards.dll. Why this happens and I can’t get rid of receiving this message. What should I do now? Is it dangerous for my computer? How can I fix it?